Practice in Squamish

Private Classes and custom group lessons are available in Squamish, BC.

Where and when?

Immersive Teacher Training April 2020 Squamish

Dedicate 21 days to yoga this spring. Our 200hr RYT course gives tools to design, practice and teach yoga in a compassionate and efficacious style. Every day includes asana, pranayama, mediation, psychological exploration and hands-on bodywork training.

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Couples Connection Retreats 2019/20

3 all inclusive days together in a beautiful destination with individual and partnership practices. Based in yoga, breath work and evidence based clinical studies our weekend away gives you time to grow and bring vitality to your relationship.

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Yoga for life

Our Practice builds your vitality. Chief Yoga develops functional strength and stability that makes your everyday life and  your favourite activities easier and safer.

Although our practice uses energy, and as a new student you may feel fatigued after a session, we're working to make your capacity for energy and activity larger. This means that after a period of adaptation, practice with us leaves you more ready for you day, or better recovered after exercise.

Each session is unique, and can be individuated to your specifics. If you're looking for more of a challenge, or to work harder in a given session you can. If you're healing an injury, or looking to rest and recover, you can... It's all about learning to listen to yourself and do what you need today.


Introdue yourself and learn more about us

Reach out via phone or email, and let's talk about how Chief Yoga can support your vitality.