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She is a successful clinical therapist running a thriving private practice, is the Teaching Team Mentor at HIBS Yoga and a traveling teacher trainer to boot!  Due to her knowledge of how thoughts, feelings and behaviors interconnect she loves to help her students embrace more gratitude, feel their emotions and love their bodies.  Her passion in life is to teach, particularly teachers, how to identify and embody their full potential selves, find their inner voice and learn how to share their personal gifts with others.  Her priority as a teacher is to ensure that each of her students feels safe to connect to  a feeling in their body and spirit through breath and biomechanically safe postural alignment. Students receive a unique experience with her incorporation of yoga bodywork, Forrest Yoga basics, focus on breath work and encouragement to express rather than suppress emotions as they arise during practice (and in life).  She encourages students to "go inside" and travel their own personal terrain, in a way that is compassionate, kind and struggle free.

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Charlie Pentland

Charlie has lead public and private classes locally in Squamish,  as well as teacher trainings, workshops and continuing education programs globally since 2009. 

As a charismatic instructor, Charlie takes a room full of students and creates a class that is vibrant, energized and full of learning opportunities.

Built on a foundation of Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit, Charlie creates space in his classroom that is full of passion, possibilities and creative force. 

Outside the classroom, Charlie spends his time off the mat climbing, in the training room, and searching for new and accurate sources of information. His commitment to yoga and love of climbing have sparked a passion to learn about and practice optimal nutrition, biomechanics, self-care and recovery techniques.