200hr Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Teacher Training Course Outline:
Our Yoga Teacher Training Programs are a deeply reflective and transformational process. These programs are designed to help teachers uncover and cultivate their individual strengths and interests, while giving them tools, mentor-ship, and support towards a professional yoga career. We help our trainees look into themselves to uncover their unique talents, clarify life goals and learn how to live in alignment with their dreams.
200 Hour Course Content:
Fundamentals of Teaching
Hands on Skills & Teaching basics
Yoga Psychology & Self Study
Yoga Anatomy & Alignment in Asana
Sequencing for Healing injury
Effective Sequencing, Progressions & Adaptation
Yoga in Business & Relationships
200hr (Yoga Alliance Certified) 
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300hr Teacher's Evolution Course

300 Hour Teachers Evolution Course:

The 300 HR course is an Advanced Teacher Training. This course was created as an up level for teachers existing skills, to improve their ability to sequence, work hands on, and develop a professional teaching portfolio.
The 300 HR trainees take part in most of the 200 HR curriculum, but in addition to this work, they are also required to prepare lesson plans, lead the 200 HR trainees in small group exercises and will spend extra time with Joey and I on honing their sequencing, voice, cueing and hands on skills.

300 Hour Teacher Training Additional Content:

Teaching Skills & Mentoring
Advanced Assists and Energetic healing
Leadership and Confidence On & Off the Mat
Yoga Anatomy, Biomechanics & Sequencing for Healing
Effective Instructional Cueing
How to Conduct Ceremony & Hold Space
1-on-1 Time with Trainers
Learn How to Lead Groups
Design & Implementation of Teacher Training Course/Workshop Developement

300hr (Yoga Alliance Certified) 

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Chief Yoga educates you

In our training courses we hone in on how to teach, and how to become better learners. This means that weather your intentions in training with us are to become a professional teacher, or to learn about yourself and your relationships, you part with the gift of being able to glean more from each situation, and evolve faster in your life.

Connections and Growth

Learn precision sequencing,  hands on adjustment and bodywork. Gain confidence as a leader and public speaker. Become empowered to speak truthfully about what your passions are, and what you believe in. Learn to listen to your heart, and how to hold space so others candy. the same.


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